The secret of the 115-year dolgozhitelnitsy: she was eating herring

The name of the woman's long kept secret. It was only known that at the time of her death she was the oldest and practically healthy person in the world. It was only after her death in 2004 it became known her name: Hendrik van Andel-Shipper. She died at the age of 115 years. Now scientists have begun to decipher its genome. Want to know how she managed such a long time and most importantly - without any disease - to live?

So, today, according to reports presented at the annual meeting of the International Congress of Human Genetics in Montreal (Canada), it became clear that the DNA dolgozhitelnitsy found a group of genes that help prevent diseases of blood circulation, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. That is why, according to genetics, van Andel-Shipper could so long maintain a clear mind until the very end, and in a hundred years - to recover from breast cancer, according to

- The project will serve as a benchmark for future studies of genes of longevity - said at the meeting Dr. Henne Holstege of the Free University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). - Until now, no long-lived DNA has not been studied so thoroughly. We are pleased that dolgozhitelnitsa decided to donate his body for the benefit of medical science as far back as 82 years.

Hendrik van Andel-Shipper went into a nursing home in 105 years. But then her mind went on to surprise experts. In 113 years it gained on the results of psychiatric tests more points than the average earn 60-75-year-olds. Eventually she died of stomach cancer.

An autopsy found no signs of even slight dementia, which was previously regarded as inevitable in old age. The doctors have never seen such a good cardiovascular system in elderly people. Doctors admit that its genome is unique. This combination, experts say, falls once in a billion.

One of the secrets of her perfectly preserved - daily consumption of herring. This weakness grandmother recognized during his lifetime. Experts at first doubted: it eats herring in the Netherlands every first. However, in consequence it became clear that it is due to omega-3 contained in fish, dolgozhitelnitsa had no platelets in the arteries.