Steve Jobs would have terminal cancer

According to the tabloid the National Enquirer would Steve Jobs, the man behind Apple, just six weeks to live and suffer from terminal cancer. Whether it is true remains to be seen but the fact is that Steve Jobs is not looking good.

The U.S. National Enquirer had followed Steve Jobs to find out why he has taken sick leave indefinitely. The Enquirer did pictures of Jobs to do at the Stanford Cancer Center after she had followed him after breakfast. On the pictures to see Steve Jobs, who is obviously very thin and emaciated look.

The Enquirer had then two doctors, Gabe Mirkin and Samuel Jacobsen, both also no oncologist (a doctor specializing in cancer), a diagnosis of Steve Jobs using the pictures. Both doctors have also never met Steve Jobs and his medical records have never been seen. Ultimately, based on Steve Jobs's ass made ​​the diagnosis that he had only weeks to live.

It is also not clear why he was present at that hospital, even in theory he could have been sick. That is just not really logical, in Jobs's medical history with pancreatic cancer, his sick leave and the image of the photos, only terminal is the extreme right.

The Enquirer has these predictions in the past, sometimes good but fortunately had often sat beside. So did Patrick Swayze example one year to live longer than The Enquirer had predicted.

We hope in any case that The Enquirer'm wrong and that Jobs may be healthy again soon.