Tattoo Barbie

The appearance of the tattoo Barbie in the U.S. has generated controversy in the State of Virginia, although the success of this product is almost guaranteed just because of its 50 year existence.
The kit contains a palette of temporary tattoos and a tool for applying to the skin of girls who want to buy, even for men who are fans of the famous doll fans.
However, this product has had to face marketing problems since it is considered to follow a bad image for girls, adolescents and adults, and that just shows the low sensitivity and low self-esteem awareness.
On this issue, the governor of Virginia, Jeff Eldridge is one of the greatest enemies of this tattoo that bears the image of the famous doll.
"This product damages the self esteem of many young women, questions its beauty as a person of our youth, because if you do not get the tattoo Barbie are not sympathetic or simply do not enter the choice," the governor said.
These cases only show that the wrist remains effective among children and free promotion of political figures, which only leads to increased commercialization of Tattoo Barbie.