UAE University to discuss with the Sultan Qaboos University, aspects of joint cooperation

Sultan Qaboos University has embraced the twenty-fourth meeting of the Joint Committee between them and the United Arab Emirates University.

During the meeting, chaired by Dr. Fatima Saeed Al Shamsi, Secretary General of UAE University, and Dr. Hamad Bin Suleiman Salmi, Vice President of Sultan Qaboos University for Management and Finance, to discuss aspects of joint cooperation between the two sides in several areas.

Dr Fatima Al Shamsi, he discussed the need to pay the Commission for further activation of the achievements and areas of scientific research, to include all colleges and disciplines at the same time reward savvy researchers and give them enough time to research the value and continue. And stressed the importance of student exchanges and communication between the two universities to enrich the students of student life and development of students' skills, as well as to develop new activities and activation of existing activities, as well as the importance of interaction between faculty members and take advantage of all available resources for conferences and other activities.

He praised Dr. Hamad Bin Suleiman Salmi the existing cooperation between the two universities, a reminder that the Commission's achievements in the field of continuous research and exchange between teachers and students.