Westfriesgasthuis's first paperless hospital

The Westfriesgasthuis Horn claims in the first hospital in the Netherlands where the patient is kept completely paperless.

All information such as X-rays, laboratory tests and nursing activities are in the electronic patient record (EPR). The hospital started five years ago with the development of this software in conjunction with ChipSoft. The files are standardized, all patient data digitally and are always available and can get along 'matched' to be. The information on several workstations simultaneously accessible. The new SPD is better to ensure that everyone works the same way. There are all kinds of data are automatically linked, so that a better and more complete picture of the patient arises, which is favorable for treatment, reports the hospital.
Transition to fully digital

Since last year all specialties working digitally. Over the last twelve months, doctors have had the opportunity to the paper files in once to see and to summarize, before the files were digitally scanned and destroyed. Hugo Keuzenkamp, ​​member of the Board, on October 12th symbolically destroys own hands last paper file.