What is diabetes mellitus?

Sugar disease is called diabetes. The official name is diabetes mellitus.

In diabetes, the body can not properly keep the blood sugar. Normally the body regulates blood sugar levels very precisely, with the hormone insulin. People with diabetes do not make insulin or their body stops responding to insulin. It depends on the type of diabetes.

When insulin can not do its work, the blood sugar is too high. As a long time much sugar in the blood, is very unhealthy. It is therefore important for diabetes as soon as possible and easy to treat. Besides the problem with blood sugar are often high cholesterol and blood pressure.
Blood sugar

Blood sugar is officially called 'blood'. No man can without glucose, which is the fuel for the body to which all the muscles and organs work. Glucose takes the body from carbohydrates in the diet.

Carbohydrates are not only sweet things like sugar and fruit, but also in some vegetables, milk, bread and potatoes and other starches. Of carbohydrates, the body makes glucose, which comes in the bloodstream as glucose and goes to all body cells for energy. But too much is not good.

Normally the body makes sure that sufficient insulin to process blood sugar. This keeps the blood sugar is always within certain limits. When diabetes is off balance.
Insulin is essential

The pancreas makes insulin in the blood. Sometimes the body produces no insulin, or too little. In many people no longer causes the body to insulin properly. The blood sugar remains in the blood and can not be used as fuel. So you're tired, thirsty and you need to urinate a lot. For the body to remove sugar from the blood in a different way to lose.