Women more likely to die from lung cancer

Some encouragement to stop smoking? Think about getting: the number of women with lung cancer dies, since 1970 more than fivefold. The reason is that women are widely smoke.

The women deceased from lung cancer in 2006, averaged 67.3 years. That's 3.3 years younger than the average age of the men who died that year from the disease.

According to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). In 2006 9400 people died from lung cancer in the Netherlands. That is 7 percent of the total women that year the last breath of life.

The proportion of women with lung cancer dies, continues to rise, but that takes all of the men twenty years off. That's according to CBS because after years of smoking can cause disease. Women are much later than men on a large scale smoke. Yet death is still twice as many men as women from lung cancer.

Youngsters need not fear to die from lung cancer. The number of people under 30 years to succumb to the disease is low. In men aged 60 and 70 years and women aged 50 and 60 years, lung cancer, however, one in seven deaths the cause of death. Until the age of 60 years, mortality from lung cancer is higher in women than in men.

In both women and men, smoking prevalence declined in recent decades. Smoked late fifties of the last century 90 percent of men in 2006 was still 34 percent. The percentage of women is on the cigarette or other smoking materials ventured, took in the fifties and sixties, but gradually declined since 1970 to 25 percent in 2006.