Young drug dealer arrested in Feirinha Tambaú with gun and 33 rocks of crack

A man was arrested this morning carrying firearms and drugs in feirinha Tambaú. Police believe he could doing the drug trade.

The police radio patrol of the 4th Police Company, headed by Major Bank, managed to arrest Alexander Barros dos Santos, 18, resident at Rua do Cano, neighborhood Father Joe, after an investigation and subsequent identification of the accused. In making approach, the accused met with a firearm, gun type, caliber 38, armed with six cases, and still 33 stones of crack-like substance, with a small amount of money.

He was taken to be booked in flagrante delicto in the 10th Police District, knowing not say for what reason was armed and that drug, but the police have not ruled out the possibility of trafficking, given that in other times have been arrested in the same place other dealers .

"We are taking actions with the service in an attempt to inhibit interligência increasingly trafficking in the region, identifying and arresting traffickers who dare to defy the law," said Lt. Col. Jefferson Pereira, commander of the 1st Military Police Battalion