Open Question: Will I Pass My Blood & Urine Drug Test? I smoked hashish?

Hello, I am worried that I might be in some trouble. I smoked some pretty potent Indian hashish (10-26%THC) about a week ago, and am wondering if the drug will show up in a blood & urine drug test which I will be taking in two days. I am not a chronic user, this was kind of a one time thing, but I'll admit I got incredibly high. I understand that THC stores in your body's fat cells, and that you must metabolize it out of your system, but am not sure whether it has left mine yet. I'd consider myself to have a very fast metabolism (I eat whatever I want, and a lot of it, and am quite skinny) I'm about 150lbs and 6 feet tall. I've been drinking a lot of water all week, about 2 liters a day, but since finding out about the drug test I've increased this number. Just hearing your opinions will really help and be much appreciated. Also, if you don't think it has left my system, any recommendations? No, I can't go out and buy any fancy detox pills, so home remedies would be cool. Thanks for your help in advance