Act against OSSs marks opening of the 7th conference

The Hotel Fazenda Mato Grosso hosts from this Friday (14) the 7th Conference of State Health This event also occurs on Saturday and Sunday and has the theme "All use SUS! SUS in Social Security - Public Policy, assets of the Brazilian people. " The opening was marked by the expression of various entities that comprise the Committee in Defense of Public Health.

At least 100 people chanted in defense of the repeal of state and federal laws that have passed the Public Health Management Organizations for Social Health, the OSSs. In a symbolic act, protesters buried laws that allow the performance of OSSs. The group also did not spare criticism of the structure of public hospitals and the state Secretary of Health, Peter Henry.

For the president of the Association of Physicians of Mato Grosso (Sindimed), Elza Queiroz, the conference is a great time for 720 delegates to vote for policies of public health. "Why spend so much space to give the OSSs if we have several hospitals that need the same resources? The public sector has to be treated equally and if there are resources to privatize, it is better to invest in public, "said the unionist.

The conference aims to review progress and issues that must be strengthened in the National Health System also shall propose guidelines for the formulation of Health Policy The outcome of discussions at the state level will be taken to the national conference.