Golden defines actions to combat dengue in the summer

The Municipal Health Golden preparing actions to combat dengue through the project "Summer Time without dengue." The activities begin this month and will continue until February next year, and should involve and educate the public about the need to act constantly in control and disease prevention. The concern is to alert to prevent the entry of type 4 disease.

In addition to eliminating potential mosquito breeding sites or focus, the campaign will complement the routine activities of the Department of Health, with integrated working between agencies in Health Surveillance "Today is possible to notify a case of the disease and on the same day, CCZ [Zoonoses Control Center] receives this notification and actions almost immediately trigger lock, "says the director of Health Surveillance Arteiro Eduardo Marcondes.

The actions envisaged include identification of sites of vector infestation and greater targeting of actions to the beginning of the cycle, integrating activities of Lira (Rapid Assessment of Aedes Index) with home visits, blocking activities, inspections of the Law of Dengue, task forces, controls animal health, health education and visits to real estate.

Will act in the fight against dengue, and the Department of Health with the Department of Health Surveillance and CCZ, the Municipal Department of Urban Services, the Municipal Committee to Combat Dengue and voluntary institutions. The work will rely on the support of various sectors of society such as Rotary Club, Freemasonry, universities, factories, military, among others.

Bikes will be available eight, five small cars, two of the CCZ van, truck, 84 vector control agents, eight supervisors general area and three supervisors.


The program follows on Friday (14), with task force set in Star will see. In the 15 days will be chopped in, and Senior Serrita Lagoon. Will be held on 17 and 18, the Logistics Battalion 28, a seminar focused on human health.

At 20 and 21 health sectors participating in the Regional Forum on Health Surveillance also happens on the task force in 21 Industrial Village. The action to combat dengue in Nations Park II will be promoted on Saturday, 22. In the 24 days will be inaugurated the Municipal Committee to Combat Dengue.

Days 25 and 26, the city develops educational activities at the Municipal School Januario Pereira de Araujo, where exposure models will be made, educational presentations, films, lectures on prevention of dengue fever and other zoonoses. A shared action of the Health Surveillance will be held in Lake Park, 27 days.

The day "D" of anti-rabies vaccination, carried out nationally, happens 29 days, health units and with the support of the CCZ and nuclei of oversight.

On November 3 the shared action serves residents of the Garden Charisma, 4 days in the Garden Green Gold, 5 days at grandma fell and 11 of the Garden in St. Andrew.

Educational activities will be held at the Municipal School Professor Benedetti Chlorine de Freitas, with exposure models, films and lectures for the prevention of dengue fever and other zoonoses, on 8 and 9.

The day "D" campaign to combat dengue fever will be on November 12, with orientation activities and social mobilization for prevention, with the participation of the Municipal Committee to Combat Dengue, army, civil society groups.

Other actions are already planned for November to February, in addition to routine activities.