After 10 years the number of blind people will reach 75 million

Already by 2020 the number of blind people worldwide will reach 75 million. WHO experts are sounding the alarm: you need to take urgent measures to soon change the situation for the better strontium.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) at the moment, there were 37 million blind people and about 125 million people with extremely poor vision. Every 5 seconds on this planet blind adult, and every minute of losing sight one child. If in the near future, do not take emergency measures, by 2020 the number of blind people worldwide increase in two. Experts say that blindness can be cured in 3 cases out of four, but it needs skilled care on time. In addition, modern medicine and modern diagnostic techniques can detect any eye disease, even at a very early stage.

Most often, problems with vision in children occur at birth. According to statistics, in Russia, about 10% of all births nedonosheny, and it is about 125 000 babies. More than 20% of that number suffer from disease such as retinopathy - congenital eye disease. If you delay treatment, then to semi-annual age a child can be blinded permanently.

Due to high loads on the eyes in school, number of children with eye diseases is increasing dramatically. If the number of primary school children with visual impairment is only 4% of the total number of students in high school, this figure increases to 10 times. With the new project screening, which is implemented in the IRTC "Eye Microsurgery" named. SN Fedorov, an opportunity to conduct a survey of children's right during the lesson. This allows you to quickly identify students' various forms of eye diseases, and assign timely treatment.