Ksusha Kiseleva surgery on a bone marrow transplant

Ksusha Kiseleva was a bone marrow transplant. Donor material was taken from my mother girls. The procedure itself took place October 6 and 7, but the first of its results were known only in the late evening October 11 - Xenia had an operation safely.

The final outcome will be judged only after some time. The highest risk of developing complications - in the first week after transplantation. Accustomed whether bone marrow cells and whether to repeat transplantation, it should be clear after two weeks after the conference.

Last week was continued difficult negotiations with the German doctors in order to avoid delays in treatment Ksyusha. At the clinic was sent to second money transfer - only through the participation of those who care for treatment of girls in addition listed 14 800 euro from 100 000 requested in Dusseldorf.

As a result, in the late evening on October 6, when Düsseldorf was 21:00, and in Perm - 1:00 Ksusha initiated the process of transplant-derived cells from the mother. Prior to that, the girl was held last course of chemotherapy, and Kiseleva Kate injections of a special product - Granocyte. The impact of the latter was so strong that the mother chuvtsvovala worse than my daughter. Doctors were also very pleased ksyushinym state after months of preparation for BMT. Even praised her when dripped antibody that many children suffer badly, and Xenia was able to pass this procedure safely and firmly.

Xenia is now fully in a special sterile room. Visitors to her permit in exceptional cases, be sure to coat, shoe covers and mask.

According to the doctor Ksyusha, Dr. F. Schuster, the most difficult period - the first week after transplantation, especially when high risk of developing complications. How successfully acclimatized cells, will be judged at the end of two weeks.

Doctors reported that the presence of my mother Ksyusha in Dusseldorf is no longer required, in connection with which to renew her visa focal point for the clinic did not - as the accompanying person remained grandmother and little brother with Katya girls back to Perm.

Recall that in September was declared a surcharge on treating 9-year-old Ksenia Kiseleva, patient two types of blood cancer. Indifferent people have managed to collect for her recovery 260 000 euros, so the girl safely overcome the preparation and the procedure itself required her bone marrow transplant. However, the absence of a fully compatible donor has increased the cost of treating an additional 100 thousand euros. At the moment, are left to find 85 000. These funds must be collected in a very short period of time to continue the path to save the lives of children and allow Ksusha handle the most difficult part of treatment - a period of rehabilitation.