Aged 8 will receive medication against cholesterol

Every child in overweight, or have family history of heart disease, will be screened to identify cholesterol and blood fats, already two years old. Children from age 8 who are suffering from high blood fats and the situation is not improved by diet, dealt drugs for lowering cholesterol.

Disease and cardiovascular mortality are one of the most common factors in the Western world. We now know that the main cause of them, atherosclerosis, begins at an early age and was expressed only at a later stage. Sclerotic artery thickening layer, blocking the passage of blood and brain damage or heart.

A whole generation will grow on drugs?

Various studies indicate that 10% -13% of children suffer from high levels of cholesterol. The purpose of the guidelines of the Israeli Association of Pediatrics, along with the Society for the Study, Prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, Israeli Society of Clinical Pediatrics and Community Pediatrics company, is to identify the children at high risk and eliminating the risk of heart attack later in life.

More guidelines, in the case of children with high blood lipid levels is important from the age of two - three on a diet low in saturated fat, trans fat free, and the conversion of simple sugars like candy - complex carbohydrates.

Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs given to children over 8, not typically used to treat infants. This guidance opponents argue there is not enough data on the effects of the use of so young and there is concern in large populations of children will find herself using this medicine under strict dietary regime.

By advertising in Yedioth Ahronoth ", 1 in 4 children in the age 5-7 set to" oil ". Thirds of the poor children - obese and 70% of children aged 60-10 will grow fat to be obese adults.