Health without notice fails to pay six out of seven fertility treatments

The Catalan government has stopped funding, without notice, six out of seven fertility treatments that has been offering women in Catalonia. The measure, in force since October 1, affects people who came to one of the 27 clinics that offer this service concerted treatments in 2010 to 6464 some 4,000 women, as each one may receive more than one year - given the limited capacity of the three public hospitals also offer, said yesterday the SER. These centers are the Sant Pau Hospital, Hospital ClĂ­nic and the Vall d'Hebron, which together manage about just about 980 treatments each year.

The sector is expected that with this cut waiting times soar from the current 18 months to more than two or even three years, which should support women who wish to become pregnant. "Without these grants we are at the tail of Spain. Public hospitals can not cope," he said yesterday sector employers. Health paid about 1,300 euros per patient and the measure will save about nine million a year.

The clinics, which do not hide their surprise at the way forward for Health, warned that the new hopes eventually to question the system itself, as when a couple is part of the waiting list for a woman undergoes a fertilization artificial, and usually takes an average of two years of consultations.

"It was a pilot scheme to encourage procreation," said a department spokesman. "It has now been suspended, but Catalonia was the only autonomous region which has funded this type of agreement," defended.