American Horror Story

Last night FX premiered Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's new thriller American Horror Story, and I think I speak for everyone who watched when I ask, "What the faaaaaaaaalchuk was that?!"
American Horror Story
The boys trash the already trashed house (kids those days!), poke at a freshly-wounded animal of some sort, and eventually head to the basement. Opening Credits.
American Horror Story
The images of baby coffins, burning wedding photos and organs in jars? Next thing you know, Ben (McDermott), Viv (Britton) and daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga) are on their way to California, because in Cali people don't have affairs or lose children. Dylan McDermott, Taissa Farmiga, and Connie Britton
American Horror Story

FX’s American Horror Story is off to a promising, albeit confusing, start.
American Horror Story
I was really looking forward to this show for myriad reasons. I love horror stories. The marketing campaign was so extremely vague that I became extremely intrigued.
American Horror Story
Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights is Vivien Harmon, one of the starring characters. Another starring character is Ben Harmon, played by Dylan McDermott, that dude from The Practice who is still extremely dreamy. The show begins with a precursor to present times, where two red-headed young boys are entering a home with baseball bats. They are warned by a girl named Adelaide, who is afflicted with Down Syndrome, that they will die in the house. This scene cuts into a flashback where she catches Ben making the two-backed-beast with some younger broad. The Harmons decide to buy a house from a realtor who reveals to them the former owners had died in a murder-suicide. Adelaide tells Vivien she will die in the house, something Constance says she does often. Ben and Vivian find a pretty hardcore black bondage suit in the attic. Ben continues having odd hallucinations throughout the episode, one of which includes him walking around the house naked. He also sees a man with a half-burnt face looking at him from the house’s yard.

The entire episode made very little sense.)

Ben is a psychiatrist who sees patients in the house. Tate somehow ends up walking around the Harmon home after his session, and he meets Violet. Ben sees the old housekeeper in her hallucinatory form as an attractive young woman while she is touching herself. It cuts promptly to a scene of Ben touching himself. The episode cuts to a scene in the house’s basement, where Violet and Tate begin to freak out the girl from school who has been blowing up her spot, as they say. The girl runs screaming and bloody from the basement and the house, and Violet is very upset with Tate.

The burnt man tells Ben he live in the house for six months, and that he would often sleepwalk and hear voices in his head. The next scene starts with Constance speaking with the old maid. I am extremely confused.

Ben leaves the man, runs on home and acts as if nothing has happened. American Horror Story is about a family and a house. The family is the Harmons (Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, and their teen daughter, played by Taissa Farmiga). They buy a big, old house in Los Angeles that may be haunted and was definitely the site of previous murders. The family is troubled even before they move into Big Scary House: Britton’s Vivien caught McDermott’s Ben (a psychiatrist) boffing one of his students a while back and they’re still working through their trust issues, as well as the trauma of Vivien having recently birthed a stillborn child, described as “a brutal miscarriage.”

It’s a scare-’em show attuned to Twitter rhythms.

Daughter Violet is a cutter. Violet asks Ben’s deeply troubled teen patient Tate (Evan Peters). Denis O’Hare, working with half a face and a character with brain cancer, warned Ben (in the pilot’s lamest line), “Your family is in danger.”

Those films’ plots and themes collide in AHS: (troubled married couple, death of a child, explicit-for-the-time sex, a shattered dream narrative, spooky living quarters, babies as symbols of life, innocence, and life and innocence betrayed).

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