Belgorod deputies postponed the law for penalizing pharmacy codeine

Belgorod Oblast Duma deputies postponed consideration of the recovery of administrative penalties to pharmacies that violate the regional law banning vacation kodeinsoderzhaschih drugs without a prescription. This was reported October 17 news ""

As reported earlier, news agency REGNUM, summer deputies adopted the law "On Approval of the discharge, release and registration of medicines containing codeine and its salts" that restricts the sale kodeinosoderzhaschih drugs. According to the deputy head of interaction with law enforcement, judicial and regulatory authorities the administration of Governor Tamara Korchigo since the beginning of the year by adopting a law banning Obldumoy OTC drugs kodeinsoderzhaschih sale of this type of medication decreased five times. One by one hundred percent of the drugs mentioned reduction. In this case, according to Tamara Korchigo, the number of brothels is not reduced. Of the 92 shooting galleries about 2 / 3 - dezomorfinovye. The amendments to the Law on Administrative Offences in Tamara Korchigo proposed to introduce penalties for failure to comply with the adopted law. For officials, the penalty was assumed equal to 50 thousand rubles. And for businesses - 1 million rubles.

The law itself, as well as the proposed penalties would begin to function until the summer of 2012. Since then, the ban on the sale of drugs without a prescription kodeinosoderzhaschih must begin to act throughout the country. The initiative of the Belgorod region, according to prosecutors, initially against the law: the region are not given the right to regulate the turnover of drugs. Now regional prosecutor's office disputes the bill. Consequently, the introduction of penalties would be illegal. "We will challenge every decision of the administrative commission," - said the representative of the prosecutor's office.

The head of the committee on legislation and local government Yuri Seliverstov asked the number of reported violations of pharmacy institutions of the law. However, it turned out that those of today do not. "But if there are no violations of the law, why introduce fines? After all, they will then be recovered from the budget of even larger sums," - he said. The general solution of the bill penalizing pharmacies agreed to defer.