Petersburg will spend 350 million rubles for the fight against AIDS

In St. Petersburg, opened the conference, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection. Its members, in particular, discuss the treatment and prevention of disease, problems with the target groups at risk, as well as current topics of social, economic and financial components of HIV infection in St. Petersburg.

Funds allocated under the regional program will be used for highly active antiretroviral therapy. At the present time it is produced almost 5.5 thousand St. Petersburg, said the vice-governor of the city.

St. Petersburg became the first city in Russia, where the system began chemoprophylaxis transfer the virus from mother to child. "If at the beginning of the epidemic more than 30% of women gave birth to children with the virus at the present time, this percentage decreased to 10 times" - said Lyudmila Kostkina.

According to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS), the world's nearly 35 million people living with HIV. In Russia, on account of more than 600 thousand HIV-positive. It is estimated that more than one million people living with HIV. In St. Petersburg official, more than 30 thousand. But as they say some experts, one in ten HIV-positive in Russia - is a resident of St. Petersburg.