DNA test for lung cancer

A new DNA test, the lives of patients with lung cancer months. The test allows the doctor the right patients, suffering from NSCLC, select an individual therapy.

The cancer can be fought more precise and ingenious means of the test because the doctor can see if the therapy starts. The DNA test measures one hundred percent accurate and the genstructueren gene changes.

That will be announced today at the World Lung Cancer Congress which takes place in the RAI. As many as 7000 exchange specialists as the most recent data, discoveries and experiences with each other.

Non-small cell lung cancer is the most common cancer in our country. Every year, this 9000 Dutch diagnostic process. The chances of survival are very small and on average patients died 9 months after diagnosis. The new test seems, with new medications and therapy, life-work. The test is now available for hospitals and reimbursed.