Allen Carr diagnosed with lung cancer

Allen Carr's Easyway International confirms that Allen Carr diagnosed with lung cancer. The diagnosis in the 73-year-old Allen was only this week found. His family learned the news with dismay. Allen Carr is married to Joyce and has four children, two stepchildren, 11 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Allen asked the organization to, in these difficult times, the following statement.

Allen quit smoking in 1983 when he discovered his Easyway method, which he no longer addicted to his 100 cigarettes a day. Since he no longer smoked cigarette. He built a global reputation as THE authority on smoking cessation. His method was created in his clinic in southwest London. The experiences of these sessions formed the basis of his highly successful books, of which more than ten million were sold.

Today there are over 70 Easyway clinics in 30 different countries, where last year alone more than 45,000 smokers treated.

It is impossible to determine how many smokers Allen could help, but with each book sold by a number of smokers was read and the method is also available on DVD, CD and CD-ROM, one can assume that it is more than 10 million people.

Allen's cancer or the result of his '100-a-day cigarette addiction is uncertain. Since he quit smoking because he spent many years in smoke-filled rooms where smokers of their addiction, he tried to help. One of the unique features of Allen Carr's Easyway Clinics is that smokers continue to smoke while they attend the sessions. Should the time he spent with them have contributed to its current state, it is worth the price according to Allen. Especially since his method more than 10 million smokers successfully treated.

He is convinced that if he would not have stopped smoking 20 years ago he was deceased. He also emphasizes that the past 23 years as a non-smoker without a doubt the best time of his life.

Allen said yesterday, "Since I stopped smoking 23 years ago, I feel the happiest man in the world. And so I feel still." All remain happy and consider this last phase of his life as an opportunity for his method worldwide to give more recognition. All in the near future are not available for interviews.

Allen Carr's Easyway International continues through the successful treatment of smoking addiction cure. Allen also received the assurance that the organization will continue to work on the global spread of clinics and publications. Allen's protégé, Robin Hayley, will, as the last ten years leading the organization. All requests to bring respect for the privacy of himself and his family.