Lung Cancer : Lung tissue differ between smokers and nonsmokers

Proliferating tissues in non-smokers with lung cancer is genetically much more derailed than in the tumors of (ex-) smokers with lung cancer. This indicates that lung cancer in non-smokers actually a different, more complex condition, which requires a different treatment, they concluded at the 14th World Conference on Lung Cancer in Amsterdam. "In non-smokers with lung cancer, we found more genetic abnormalities, both in number and location on the cell DNA from tumor tissue," said Kelsie Thu, of the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre in Vancouver, Canada. According to Drs Cilia Linssen of Lung Cancer Information Center is important to know that lung cancer is not always related to smoking. "Smoking is a risk factor, but apparently the cell growth in the lungs by other causes derailment and proliferate. Importantly, the gene mutations play a role, as some treatments now and in the future, just focus on these growth factors. "Linssen said.