Stage 4 lung cancer


Last October there for me, a 51-year-old woman, in the 4th stage lung cancer diagnosed. I've already had 4 chemo treatments, the last in January.
I find that I need to have peers to talk about here. I am married and childless.
Especially holding the feeling that good things still really important is occasionally difficult. It seems like a kind of void is created and I find that scary. Is there anyone who would like to talk to me? I am very open and direct about my dead ashes, I am only missing people (approximately) the same future and what that does to them.


Small Cell Lung Cancer
At my wife's small cell lung cancer in November 2009. She is now working on her third treatment. Alternatively, they use extract (tea) of papaya leaves. There's anti-cancer substances that have destroyed without bad side effects on other cells. This is reflected in Sience Daily. Much research has been on since this is an ancient healing in Asian Bergisches Land and AUSTRALIA was used. The immune system must give a reaction. A lot going on and we think it's important to stay positive if it's so difficult. We have known each other for over 44 years and have everything with each other. It is therefore all the more difficult. If you like to ask Go ahead. We have the papaya leaves directly from Sri Lanka through an acquaintance. The monks there are very well disposed to us and we want this only available to people who are interested. let's fight together.

Soon I forgot what it was, it goes to the substance of the Papaya Th1 and Th2. These substances inhibit the growth of cancer cells and dismantled without the right to attack. On Sience Daily Junt you find the information in Dr.. Nang. professor at the university in the U.S. California. Search the Internet assured. The fruits have special vitamins. Do not bathe it hurt not.
there are also statistics on the lifestyle of Asian countries where the risk of lung cancer significantly smaller due to the lifestyle there. This is due to lifestyle. Healthy diet and relaxation with no stress