Do not expect things to hurt your eyes

Often discussions are taking place between the mother and children about the importance of eating carrots to strengthen the vision, as repeatedly warning them of the risk of approaching the TV too much, and often are children that there is no conclusive evidence on the validity of those tips.

So, there are several points can be recalled by to keep our eyes healthy on the occasion of World Sight Day which is celebrated on the second Thursday of the month of October of each year, to raise awareness and urged the world to focus attention on blindness and the problem of visual impairment and the need for rehabilitation of people suffering from this problem .

Use the tools of others

In line with a call to World Sight Day, which focuses this year on the issue of eye health and to ensure equal access to health care-related, there are several things that can be avoided to preserve the sight properly advised by doctors and health experts eyes, and among these things, the participation of friends and relatives in the use of Personal tools, they often borrow girls cosmetics for the eyes of each other, one of the most dangerous things that are harmful to vision because there is the possibility of infection with herpes simplex, which can lead to blindness if not treated.


Also, there is an error commonly last between women, which keep the "mascara" to have more than six months, as most women skipping expiry date listed on the make-up, or they are unaware that the mascara is a good environment for the growth of bacteria if used for long periods.

Contact lenses

In order to keep the person on his vision, he should avoid imitating celebrities such as singer "Lady Gaga" which wore in one of her songs video contact lenses cover the white of the eye until it looks pupil larger than normal size, so it warns ophthalmologists of accessories eye poorly-made, which may go through the eye 24 hours of infection.

False eyelashes

Experts warn of obsession girls using eyelash semi-permanent, which may last for six weeks to mimic some of the artists such as Shirley Cole, this may cause a disease called "traction alopecia" where falling eyelashes original and may not grow back at all, says Dr. Susan Blakena, Chancellor of diseases Eye College optics British: The eyelashes natural play an important role in maintaining the health of the eyes, including the links to false eyelashes semi-permanent is something new, there is no medical research enough about the impact on the eyes, so we advise women to exercise caution in the use of false eyelashes.

Squinting in the sun

Also, looking at the sky in the middle of the afternoon and stare at the sun cause cataracts or what is known as white water, so the doctors advised not to look directly at the sun and wear sunglasses in the afternoon, and everyone knows that eating healthy foods fresh is useful for the prevention of heart disease and cancer, as well as to protect against macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness, it is under the effects of age is the disease that can not be prevented.

Methods of prevention

Says Dr. Blakena: This disease is a major cause of vision loss in Britain and it is worrying that many people are unaware of this, but there are several steps you can take to prevent it even with age, because the excessive smoking and alcohol consumption increases the chance of injury the disease, so you must get away with them, and recommend Blakena by following a healthy diet and balanced rich in vegetables and fruit and fish.

The practice of water sports such as swimming of the most important things to keep the weight and agility of the body, but the water-filled chlorine hurt the eyes should be wearing goggles swimming bag, also warns College of Optics British users of contact lenses by wearing them while swimming or bathing, because the micro-organisms in water may suspend contact lenses and cause serious diseases may lead to blindness.