Hospitals, regions occupies the first rank in the commitment to infection control procedures

A recent report by the Ministry of Health and Population on the order of the Egyptian hospitals in accordance with the commitment procedures for infection control issued by the Ministry of Health, which included evaluation of 358 hospital for export hospital issued the globe and its occupation of the center of the first in the assessment rate of 86.1%, while retained by the hospital regions centers developed.

And came in second hospital Qabbary by 84.2%, and fevers Damanhur province lake in the third place and got a rate of 84.1%, and conjunctivitis Damanhur came in fourth place by 83.6%.

The fifth place performances went to the chest hospital in Sohag by 83.6%, and Sohag Fever in the sixth position by 83.2%, then the children of the cards in the seventh position also increased by 83.2%, and in the eighth Assiut Fever by 83%, and got the ninth hospital in Dar healing by 83% as well, coming in tenth place Chest Hospital in Assiut by 82.9%.

Also occupied the Nasser Institute for Research and Treatment Center 186 occupied the Institute of Sugar Center 354 Institute of Liver Center 308 and fevers Abbasid center 249 and Hospital, National Bank of the center 243 and evacuate the educational center 241 and the coast educational center 220 and came Hospital issued Giza in Center 165 Crescent in the center of the 60, got hospital rain educational center on the 306, while his olive Specialist Hospital Center 252, and received the Institute for Hearing and Speech Center in Imbaba on the penultimate 357, while the last place in the order according to hospital infection control procedures station tumors peace.

The report said that there are 19 hospitals implemented infection control measures by less than 50% of a hospital Albeadih Luxor, hearing and speech Imbaba and Draw central Aswan and Faraskour Central Institute of Sugar and hospital Farafra, Kom Ombo and Qeft Central and Qus and Shebin educational and viruses Desouk and Dekerness and Dar es Salaam and Siwa and Hassania and Abu Tisht Central and Esna Central and Sidi Brani Central.