"Dubai Health" feed the pilgrims in the «Dnata»

Asked the Health Authority in Dubai, pilgrims to abide by taking vaccinations two weeks before travel, at least, the body can get immunity against these diseases, pointing out that they organized an awareness campaign vaccinations travel, in cooperation with the Dnata Travel Centre, under the slogan «Think of your health before you travel », for the vaccination of pilgrims during the booking tickets.

The Executive Director of primary health care services in the Commission, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Kalban, the campaign addressed to all segments of society, in Arabic, English and Urdu, to reach the largest possible number of members of the community.

He said that the campaign will continue throughout the year, especially in times of travel associated with the Hajj, and summer vacations and holidays different, and focuses on providing travelers with all the information and guidance on health vaccines and vaccines needed, and how to deal with chronic diseases. For its part, according to president of the Center of preventive services in the Commission, Dr. Fatima Al Attar, that the medical team and Tmrbia of the Authority is currently in the pavilion reservations Pilgrimage Center Dnata Travel in Sheikh Zayed Road, to give the necessary vaccinations for the pilgrims during travel, in order to facilitate them and save time and effort and the difficulties of the transition to traveling health clinic and primary health care centers of the body. Explained that the campaign included the implementation of an integrated program includes the provision of vaccines mandatory for pilgrims, such as a vaccine against the disease, meningitis, and vaccines optional, such as seasonal influenza vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine, which for the elderly and people with chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart, as well as to give pilgrims an international certificate of vaccination approved from the Commission before entering the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.