duchess of alba wedding

Duchess of Alba marries for third time
Billionaire royal weds toyboy boyfriend
Newlyweds greeted by crowd of hundreds
duchess of alba wedding
SPAIN'S fabulously wealthy 85-year-old Duchess of Alba married a civil servant 25 years her junior overnight in a story of love and family conflict that has gripped the nation.
duchess of alba wedding
The Duchess of Alba on her wedding day. The other royal wedding: Duchess of Alba ties the knot
duchess of alba wedding

Reveller Pedro Ramirez, 28, said: ‘The Duchess is extremely popular here.’
duchess of alba wedding
The duchess, who is a distant relative of Winston Churchill and Princess Diana, went ahead with the marriage despite her children’s qualms.
duchess of alba wedding
Known now for her frizzy white hair, squeaky voice and wildly colourful clothes, the duchess is among Spain’s most famous faces.

The energetic duchess struts her stuff with her new husband

The twice-widowed duchess wore a pale pink knee-length dress by Spanish designers Victorio y Lucchino on Tuesday.

Her full name - take a deep breath - is Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva.

The Duchess has reportedly divided her fortune between her six children

The duchess's fortune includes palaces and mansions throughout Spain, paintings by the likes of Velazquez, Goya and Rubens and huge stretches of land.

Two of the children did not attend the wedding.

One of Europe's wealthiest aristocrats, the 85-year-old Duchess of Alba, wedded a civil servant 24 years her junior in a Seville palace today after overcoming opposition from her children and Spain's royal family.

The twice-widowed duchess, known for her love of flamenco dancing and bull-fighting, ventured outside the palace to greet well-wishers after the ceremony.

The duchess's fortune includes ancient palaces throughout Spain, paintings by Spanish masters Velazquez and Goya, and huge stretches of land.

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