The fear of losing marks the achievements of Mental Health Day

The crisis that surrounds mental illness associations, the "fear" to be forced to give up achievements and thank the employees of these groups, who come every day "with a smile" but take months to work without pay your payroll , yesterday marked the World Day of Mental Health. The Federation of associations of families and people with mental illness in Castilla-La Mancha (FEAF) held yesterday in Toledo, with a small act of mob instead of the previous years, the World Day of Mental Health, attended by the new secretary SESCAM general, Fernando Sanz, president and FEAF, Maria del Carmen Navarro, among others.

Navarro said that the group he represents is "conscious" of the economic situation and called for "solidarity" to the rulers because people with mental illness are a group "historically the most disadvantaged in society" and spoke of the "hard way" tour of the associations of people with mental illness and their families. For his part, Fernando Sanz, commended the work of associations and has expressed a "commitment" of the Board with these groups and the "effort" to be carried out through the geriatric network, "we will accompany so FEAF fair and honest, "he said. Speaking to EFE at the end of the act, Sanz said the situation "very complicated" facing the Government of Castilla-La Mancha 'play' in all groups that collaborate and work with the Administration, but stressed that the Board is committed to ensure social and educational rights.
Rivas Award

The award "Don Quixote" "given FEAF coinciding with World Mental Health has been awarded this year in the former mayor of Talavera de la Reina José Francisco Rivas, in his capacity as president of the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces of Castilla-La Mancha. Rivas expressed his "pride and honor" by the recognition and said that while there are "closed" stage does not end his involvement policy to achieve "a better world", but now do so on their quality of teaching.