Increase by 33% breast cancer cases

This was revealed on Monday the president of the Spanish Group for Breast Cancer Research (GEICAM), Miguel Martin, who gave a joint press conference with the Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA) and the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), on the occasion of the celebration, on 19 October, International Day Breast Cancer.

"I think we are five or ten years away from that (breast cancer) is fully cured" if caught early, influenced Dr. Martin, who recalled that at the present rate of cure of this disease exceeds in Spain 85% of cases. For this professional, it is imperative that basic and clinical research to be effective in the pursuit of new treatments, which, in turn, must reach equally to all patients, "wherever they live." In the same vein, the researcher emphasized the need to heal women are well informed about breast cancer to understand the importance of regular checkups and if they reach the disease, know what they should sue to get the best possible outcome.

Multidisciplinary teams
And what they have to sue the breast cancer patients for treatment, according to the president of GEICAM, they attend a multidisciplinary team of professionals who choose the road map to follow and be able to avoid "unnecessary sequels" . But according to Martin, "unfortunately, this type of medical committees are not accessible for 50% of the Spanish population," so that further suing. In this same vein, Maria Antonia expressed Gimon, president of FECMA, and Pilar Garrido, a member of the board of the SEOM, who pleaded for territorial equity a reality in the public health and to continue investing in research. At this point, the representative of patients with breast cancer admitted that his group has not noticed the health cuts, but added breath that he does fear that come in the economic situation in the country. To raise awareness of the need for women to get regular gynecological examinations and the importance of research in breast cancer FECMA brochures distributed on 19 October, International Day of the disease.