First lung cancer vaccine tested

The new vaccine against lung cancer that Professor Johan Vansteenkiste (Leuven) investigates, both in the Hospital East Limburg (ZOL) and in the Jessaziekenhuis tested. "For the first study of the vaccine we have the only Limburger hospital patients already treated with this vaccine," said Michael Thomeer, lung specialist in ZOL.

Belgium is a leader that mortality from lung cancer in men is concerned. In Europe, only Hungary worse. These cancers also continue to increase in 1999, the Cancer Registry recorded 4292 cancers in men and 933 women, with the last publication of the figures in 2006 there were already 5,279 men and 1,676 women. Women are so busy to catch up. "In Limburg, the figures are very high. In 1999 we had 452 men with cancer in 2006, there were 473. For women, there were 76 in 1999 and 107 in 2006.

The best way to get those numbers down is still by simply quitting smoking, "says Michael Thomeer. "If people would stop now, we would be in hospital for 10 years no longer need seven lung specialists, but two."

The new vaccine must be a total of 10,000 people around the world are tested, but not every patient is eligible. "Cancer runs in different stages, we give numbers from one to four. The fourth stage is that of metastasis outside the lung. The vaccine can only be used in the early stages and whose cancer can be removed through surgery. Moreover, the vaccine only in cancer cells that contain the protein MAGE-A3. "

Because this study is that one must prove that the vaccine works, receives one third of the patients a fake. Patients must always give their consent. About four to five years, the results of the study are known.

Besides this vaccine, there is a new treatment on arrival. "In September we start a new medication for patients with metastatic lung cancer have a genetic condition: that the EGFR blocker. About 20 percent of cancers, such deviation. "