Man with "stabbing pain" dies of lung cancer

A 53-year-old man from Ressaix, at Binche, is deceased from lung cancer by a herbalist for years was described and treated as ordinary backache. Yves Barbieux
Claude Jaillot (53) loved his job as a handyman at the Don Bosco School Ghlin. About ten years ago, he met Rita Boulion (51) to know when they attended a training for chairs and seats covers. "Even then he knew Claudine J. He had a blind faith in her since she had years before that of persistent bowel symptoms had delivered at the time that traditional medicine saw no other solution than placing a stoma, "says Rita. "Since then, he went at least once a month at her house. There was always something for which he diagnosed some time planting mixture had to take. "

In October last year, Claude began to complain of a sharp pain under his right shoulder blade. Thanks to its shuttle Claudine knew him that a nerve terminal was caught between two ribs. The result of a wrong move in shifting a heating oil tank, it was. Claudine wrote Claude drops of plant extracts and an ointment. Claude simultaneously suffering from constipation. To remedy he had Claudine many vegetables.


"These treatment cost 400 euros a month Claude easy," says Rita. "But it all did not solve this problem. On the contrary, Claude suffered increasing pain. He could not sleep. I tried a regular doctor to get his blood checked. That happened, but there was nothing wrong. You see, he said, Claudine knows what she is doing. I had no recourse against it. "

"But Claude could barely eat. He visibly emaciated. Every nerve in his back, he had to get free stretching exercises. But because of the excruciating pain she was unable Claude perform. Dafalgan and indestructible trust in his therapist kept him upright. On his last visit in July, she told him that his sudden illness pattern was turned into a cancer. "

Rita could finally convince her Claude in a hospital a comprehensive examination. "I got him so far as to tell him that he could continue his drops and was not required to take the medication the doctors to take," recalls Rita itself. "The initial diagnosis was a relief: water in a lung. Phew, I thought, it is not so bad. But further investigation revealed the cause of water accumulation to light: a large cancerous tumor in a lung of Claude also expressed his esophagus, so that he could not eat. "

The doctors told Claude honestly what he stood for: his condition was critical. "I'm disappointed, he said on his sick bed, and he gave his daughters all the drops and other resources with which Claudine J. he had prescribed. He has never a word about that treatment or Claudine mention. While it seemed that improvement in sight. He could eat again and was back home. But a few weeks later, Claude re-hospitalized. On September 5 he is deceased. "

Illegal Medicine

Rita does not know what to begin. "Whenever I talk about this, the wound reopened. But I do it for other people to guard against such practices. Do I need a lawyer to take under his arm? Oh, that Claudine will to win favor. When the Office of Tournai has been in years an investigation against her for illegal carrying of medicine, but she does anyway on as if nothing at the sky. "