Hands: a breeding ground for bacteria!

In our daily life we ​​are surrounded by natural bacteria. The office, keyboards and computer mice, telephone, ... all these things are real nests bacteria that can transmit various viruses and infections. For example, your office table can contain nearly 3,895 bacteria per cm2 only 8 against the toilet bowl, less than 500 times on your mobile phone all-round champion of bacteria! It is important to not only clean these things regularly, but especially to wash your hands with soap!

Other figures are chilling and should make us more hygiene is the bowl of peanuts that you hear in bars and may contain traces of 14 different urine or bars in buses and underground contaminated by thousands of hands before you!

The right reflexes

There are key moments that must escape the washing of hands for any reason. The first obviously before cooking and leaving the toilet but after coughing, after petting an animal, after using a transit or having been in contact with a sick person. This reflex will allow you to prevent certain diseases and infections but not to spread around.

Wash your hands but not anyhow!

For impeccable cleanliness, it is not enough to move his hands under the water! Soap is essential but again not any! Preferably use a liquid soap because the soaps are real solid nests bacteria. Wash your hands at least 20 seconds. This is the minimum time to kill bacteria. Then wipe with a pad of paper or a clean towel for single use. Stay away the hot air dryers! Indeed they disperse the bacteria within 2 meters. So a good way to contaminate people would wash their hands beside you!

Did you know?

Women's hands contain more bacteria!

A U.S. study of women's hands have more bacteria than men. These would have indeed increased acidity of the skin is not conducive to microbial fauna and produce more sweat than women. In addition they use moisturizers that may also play a role in this phenomenon.