Help : Lung cancer?


A few months ago in the left lung of my mother's white spots observed. She is very unclear, it has COPD patients and has always suffered from her lungs. She says that we will be called white spots no lung cancer at an early stage because it is what still can develop, but not required. I only know that, for the six weeks to go to hospital for an examination and a lung scan. She says she is also an injection in the hospital where she gets very sick.

For one week they cough a lot, she keeps no food inside, a lot of weight in recent months, it is sometimes faint, and she has been hospitalized since pasgeleden the oxygen in her blood was 17%. At 15% it is often fatal when I was told. Today she went to the hospital for a lung picture, this showed that she has pneumonia in her right lung. The hospital would like to include her, but she refused and now has a course of antibiotics.

Can someone tell me what the white spots mean, what could be the injection and other information is also welcome ..

Thank you!


Dutch and Belgian researchers have achieved a breakthrough in the detection of lung cancer. By a new technique it is possible much earlier to see if small spots on the lungs malignant or benign.