Link between lung cancer and vitamin B

People with lots of B vitamins in their blood may be at lower risk for lung cancer, according to a new study funded by the World Cancer Research Fund global network, the parent organization of the World Cancer Research Fund. The study was conducted by scientists from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The survey shows that people with above average levels of vitamin B6 and methionine (a nutrient related) half the chance of developing lung cancer. People with high levels of vitamin B6 and folate (vitamin B11) and also high levels of methionine even two thirds lower risk of lung cancer.

Dr. Paul Brennan, principal investigator of the study, says: "The findings are significant because the risk reduction in smokers, former smokers and nonsmokers the same size. However, more research is needed to confirm that B-vitamins to the risk of lung cancer actually Reduce. If further research confirms our findings, the next step will be to identify the optimal quantities of B vitamins in foods for reducing the risk of cancer. "

Dr. Panagiota Mitrou, science program manager at the World Cancer Research Fund: "I am very pleased with this outcome. They help us understand the processes of lung cancer and may have implications for prevention."

"It is vital that we smokers make clear that eenhogere intake of B vitamins is not a substitute for quitting smoking, and never will be. Smoking is because by far the biggest risk factor for lung cancer. The developments in this area should not at the expense of the work being done globally to reduce the number of smokers.

"We must not forget that lung cancer also occurs in people who have never smoked or have stopped smoking. The findings could mean that these people themselves can do something to their risk of lung cancer to shrink. Another important point we want emphasize that this study shows that taking B vitamins in the form of supplements effect on lung cancer risk. "

Earlier research has shown that about one third of the most common cancers can be prevented through a healthy diet, adequate exercise and a healthy weight. The World Cancer Research Fund recommends the use of supplements for cancer prevention off.