Klebsiella outbreak in Haarlem Hospital

Kennemer Hospital in Haarlem in the six patients infected with the resistant klebsiellabacterie. This reports the hospital today. A room in the intensive care since last week closed to prevent further spread of the bacteria to avoid. The six patients are nursed in that space.

The bacterium was dangerous for people weakened by the hospital in July for the first set in two patients. Despite his hygiene, in September four patients still infected. Three of them now that they have the same type of bacteria as previously found.
Investigated for bacterial source

The hospital, the Healthcare Inspectorate informed of the infection. It examines the source of the klebsiellabacterie. Other patients are also examined to see if they are infected. Early next week the results of the investigation.

The research is performed by a physician of the intensive care unit in collaboration with the consultant medical microbiologist and infection control in hospitals.

CEO Peter van Barneveld:

"We leave nothing to chance. Patient safety is paramount. "

Infection with the klebsiellabacterie occurs by contact. Such bacteria are normally found in the intestines, where they have no risk. The bacterium is relatively harmless to healthy people, but in people with reduced immunity infections.

The bacteria surfaced earlier this year in Rotterdam Hospital in Rotterdam. The hospital was slow to control the outbreak. The bacterium certainly claimed three lives. Also in the Scheper Hospital in Emmen appeared on the klebsiellabacterie. Part of the intensive care unit was temporarily closed after several patients were infected.