Low number of TB cases in the world

U.S. Radio Sawa that the World Health Organization said the number of TB cases fell for the first time, also decreased the number of deaths from the same disease to the lowest level since 10 years and helped by the progress made in countries such as China.

The organization said in its report, "the global tuberculosis control," in 2011 that 8.8 million people infected with TB in 2010, and 1.4 million died of the disease, which recorded a marked decline from previous years.
Tuberculosis and become a global epidemic, where about a third of the world's population of disease-causing bacteria, although the proportion of only a few symptoms of the disease.
And justified the organization back to an improvement in data collection in the world, and to increase allocations for tuberculosis control in China and improve the prevention and treatment in the former Soviet republics and the countries of Latin America after the improvement of living standards, and falling rates of infection in Africa, which had peaked with the spread of HIV virus of AIDS.
TB bacteria and destroy lung tissue, making the patient cough bacteria that spread through the air and can be inhaled by others.
If not treated, it is possible that affects everyone holder of the TB bacteria are active people between 10 to 15 people on average annually.