No more lung cancer by smoking ban

The top medical adviser of Scotland, Harry Burns, predicts that soon virtually no one will die from lung cancer in the northern part of the United Kingdom. That would be due to the smoking ban that is set in public areas.
In Scotland, the number of cases of lung cancer steadily. According to Burns the smoking ban not only that people are no longer passive, but it also motivates many Scots to stop smoking. Now Scots die annually from lung cancer 4000. Burns says that this number will drop to several hundred, with the smoking ban.

The British organization that defends the rights of smokers found that Burns a false picture. The organization says there is no evidence showing that the smoking ban less people smoke. The medical adviser dismisses the criticism, however, and tell the Scots happy that action to the nation healthier.

Dutch since January 2004 have the right to a smoke-free workplace. For the psychiatric institutions and the hospitality industry is an exception. With a citizens' attempts Clean Air Netherlands still a ban on smoking in the hospitality industry to enforce.