On Monday begin vaccination against HPV

70 percent of cases of cervical cancer is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in the provinces of this region.

From this data, prevention becomes significant importance that involves the application of the vaccine against human papilloma virus, which causes the disease.

In Salta, on Monday will officially launch the campaign of vaccination against HPV for the entire province through public and private educational establishments.

At 8, .30 in school Remedios de Escalada, Entre Rios 1551 - attended by the Minister of Public Health, Chagra Gabriel Dib and Education Ministry officials, the province will launch the campaign trial.

The vaccination strategy for immunizing priority in schools, taking into account that girls of 11 years are enrolled in all schools.

The target population in Salta is about 13 thousand girls and be immunized according to the listing of Ministry of Education, which specifies the enrollment of girls in the class 2000, registered in the province.

According to data from the Cancer Program Public Health Ministry of Salta, the national average of 7.5 cases per 100 women, while Salt has a value of 14.8 cases per hundred. In 2010, 754 women were identified with lesions salteƱas high and low.

In the NOA

The strategy of vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus favor to all the provinces of northern Argentina, where HPV generates 70% of all cases of cervical cancer.

This campaign seeks to immunize girls 11 years old (to begin vaccination with those born in the year 2000) against cervical cancer. It will be free and compulsory.

Available vaccines are given in three doses: 1 to 11 years, and another the following month after the first application, and a third after 6 months.