Peruvian League Against Cancer clinical screening campaign carried out free of Breast Cancer

Under the World Day Against Breast Cancer, the Peruvian League Against Cancer held from 17 to October 22 Screening campaign free clinic in their detection and prevention center located in Pueblo Libre in 2746 and Brazil Avenue Surquillo in Angamos Avenue East 2514.

In this regard, Adolfo Dammert Ludowieg, President of the Peruvian League Against Cancer said: "We must generate greater awareness of the importance of preventing breast cancer in our country, and chelae studies have shown that up to 95% of cases of cancer can be cured if detected early. Therefore, the best way to avoid the disease is prevention, as well, our institution has been doing consistently prevention campaigns at the national level that contribute to a culture of prevention ".

Importantly, the Peruvian League Against Cancer is fulfilling an important role in the prevention, considering that in 2010 made 86 000 attentions, detected 964 new cases of breast cancer, mammograms performed 8 000 575 and 350 procedures surgical.
It should be noted that according to World Health Organization (WHO), in our country, every day is detected 12 new cases of breast cancer and 4 women die because of this disease.

Peruvian League Against Cancer
Since 2000, the Peruvian League Against Cancer has been conducting various prevention and awareness campaigns to prevent breast cancer. Thus, during this period, has made more than 38.451 mammograms detected 964 cases to date.