This Saturday marks White Cane Day

Members of the Friends of the Blind Center of Entre Ríos (CACER) organized a Pedestrian activity in the Parana, which distributed information material and dialogue with passersby

CACER members will be present from 10 in the pedestrian San Martin, to celebrate every October 15 as the White Cane Day.

"It's a date where we want people to be aware on how to behave when meeting a blind person," said UNO President of the institution, José Luis Zapata, who explained that he will be accompanied by UADER staff with whom signed an agreement to carry out different activities.

In turn, said, "will distribute a brochure with tips and information on CACER that 21 is turning 51 years."

Moreover, through this material to "invite people to the 4th National Championship for the Blind Bowls, to be carried out in Parana on the 28th, 29th and October 30th," said Zapata.

Finally, he announced that CACER different workshops are being conducted for the general public, among which include choir and vocal (Monday and Wednesday) and karate and yoga (Tuesday and Thursday).