Onishchenko: Health of citizens is the death of the restaurant business

The bill, which impose severe restrictions on smoking in public places and sale of cigarettes should be adopted, despite criticism from the business community. This was stated today, "Interfax" the head of Rospotrebnadzor, chief state sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko.

"I can confidently say that the restaurant business is not only not to lose and gain as a result of the restrictive measures that should be and will be put in places to eat, which include the restaurant business," - said Onishchenko.

According to him, "a statement that the business will die restaurateurs - totally speculative. Even if he died, he is not worth the amount of damage being done to smoking health of the citizens of Russia."

Earlier today it was announced that National Trade Association and the Federation of Restaurateurs and hoteliers appealed to Russian authorities asking them not to take anti-smoking bill the Health Ministry, which permit to sell cigarettes only in large shops and prohibits smoking in virtually all public places.

As reported, the bill requires that, beginning in 2014, completely prohibits smoking on public transport - in the long-distance trains, passenger ships long voyage, as well as in areas of airport-related passenger service, including the entrances to stations and airports within a radius of 10 meters. From 2015 you will not be smoking in hotels, cafes, nightclubs, including hookahs.

In addition, to reduce demand for tobacco products in the bill provides for the establishment of minimum retail prices for tobacco products, but the specific amount will be installed on an act of government.