The prosecutor's office has documented repeated tardiness Kazan "emergency" calls on citizens

Human rights activists have made the prosecution of the inspection of ambulance stations in Kazan, which resulted to the chief physician of the municipal health agencies made a representation to rectify breaches of legislation.

At the end of August in Kazan Human Rights Center (PCC) asked residents of Kazan Adel Faizova and Aydar GILAZOV with complaints of ill-timed assistance brigades "emergency." PCC lawyers for the victims sent to the prosecutor to conduct an audit of the municipal health care institutions "First aid station of Kazan."

In a response letter to the Acting Attorney Vakhitovsky district of Kazan Dmitri Erpelev reported on the findings. So, on August 15 Aydar GILAZOV called "fast" at 17:30, a team of paramedics received a request at 21:03 and at 21:19 arrived on the scene. Vrmya wait was 3 hours 49 minutes.

August 16 at 14:07 Adel Faizova scored "03". Paramedic crew received the data only at 17:54, after 10 minutes paramedics were on the call site. The waiting time was 3 hours and 47 minutes.

After inspecting the woman was diagnosed, and she was taken to the hospital, the correspondent of news agency Open.

According to paragraph 2.4 of Annex № 4 to the Order of the Ministry of Health of Tatarstan "On Improvement of emergency medical care to the population of the Republic of Tatarstan", Operations Department ambulance station provides outreach arrival on the scene (call) in the shortest time (1) the transport of somatic sick and injured while waiting the arrival of visiting teams should not exceed 1 hour, and the transport of infectious patients - less than 3 hours (2) for emergency crews arrived the waiting time should not exceed 3 hours.

"Thus, contrary to the requirements of the above order MUSES" First aid station of the city of Kazan "has not ensured the arrival of mobile teams to the scene (call) in the shortest time, established by law", - concluded the councilor of justice Erpelev.

In the address of the head physician of the municipal health agencies made a representation to rectify breaches of legislation on the provision of ambulance services.