Peanut allergy can be disabled

If you are allergic to peanuts, the body of the proteins from peanuts as a threat. The immune system responds so violently that you breathless and blood pressure drops severely. This can be a shock, coma and even death may result.

White blood cells
The researchers confirmed peanut proteins in white blood cells and injected these mice with peanut allergy. Then the mice were given a peanut extract. The immune system recognized the peanut protein as safe and therefore did not life-threatening immune response.

T cells
This procedure has another advantage: it provides an increase in T cells. There are several types of these immune cells. The treatment converts the T-cells that cause allergic reactions and accentuate the good, calming T cells.

Possibly the treatment in the future be used in various allergies by different proteins on the white blood cells to confirm. The method works well in mice with an egg protein that triggers asthma attacks, but has yet to be tested in humans.