Winter also Professor Loek Care Entrepreneur

In his speech yesterday, Winter pleaded for the medical market, where the traditional hospital care, including obstetrics and emergency care is offered in small specialty clinics focus. These clinics are good at one type of treatment. Winter suggests that quality gains and cost savings potential of over 4 billion euros can be achieved as specialists focus on specific treatments that they often do.

Winter, originally a radiologist, is one of the first and best known business concern in the Netherlands. In 1995 he founded the Diagnostic Centre in Amsterdam, from dissatisfaction with the lack of client-centered care. Since 2003, he uses this model in the expansion of its DC Group, a chain of independent treatment.

Meanwhile the company has fifteen diagnostic centers in eight locations. It employs 85 specialists, who last year accounted for 120,000 medical procedures. The clinics last year were good for a combined turnover of 12.4 million euros, to which a net loss of over 6 tons was shot. In 2009, the Winter news by taking over the IJsselmeer hospitals in Lelystad and Emmeloord, which he brought into a separate company, the MC Group.