Adulterous Chilean miner suffering from lung cancer

The Chilean miner who at his return was greeted by both his wife and mistress, he says that the lung disease silicosis suffering and dying. The silica dust he inhaled all the time, was the cause of his. Yoni Barrios was one of the thirty-three miners who 69 days long in the mines until he was stuck, just one year ago today, was saved. Yet this disease protects the 51-year Barrios is not still the two women in his life to keep seeing.
Barrios now lives in with his mistress Susana Valenzuela, but every time they fight, he pulls back in with his wife Marta Salinas who lives nearby. Barrios: "It's a complicated situation." About his illness, he is however clear. "I'm in a bad way," the Chilean in 'The Sun'. "My lungs are clogged and my faltering breath regularly. The doctors say I have silicosis and there is little to do. That makes me severely depressed. My lungs are permanently damaged, I must accept that this illness my end."

The 'doctor'
A year ago, on October 13, 2010, almost the entire world looked to the thirty-three with a tube were rescued from the mine in San Jose. Barrios was in the mine, in the poverty-stricken city of Copiapo lives, known as 'doctor' because he stood by his medical colleagues. That knowledge, he gives because he stood by his mother for years suffered from diabetes. Not much later he also became known because in 'Camp Hope' but two women were waiting for him. Between the two was even a riot when his 59-year-old woman, whom he married 29 years ago, the mistress visited. The two were separated by bystanders. When the day of salvation approached, Barrios said that the two women were ready for him. But in the end he fell into the arms of his mistress after his wife, who has three sons from a previous marriage, had decided to stay away.

Emotional wreck
Barrios also said to 'The Sun' that he three times a week, a psychologist regularly look up and he has flashbacks about the long days in the mine after the disaster in northern Chile. "After I my leave, I am both physically and emotionally a wreck. At night I can not sleep because I am up to five hours in the morning lie tossing. When I finally fall asleep get, I have nightmares. Then I think I'm back to that time in the mine. My dream is always the same: I'm stuck and try to escape. Although I was sweating and crying, I am not awake much later. "