Lung cancer for beginners

Regular people ask me how many smokers get lung cancer. So I an overview. Of all the diseases caused by smoking, lung cancer is the most dramatic and most deadly disease. A real horror disease. Approximately 30% of all people worldwide die of cancer had primary lung cancer. That's more than one million people a year. In the Netherlands each year die from lung cancer about the same people, if that new cases are diagnosed: that there are about 10,000. The relationship with smoking is strong and inseparable. You do not get lung cancer from smoking. You should have a lot to learn. A smoker who dies of lung cancer is about 20-30 years smoked. Of all cases of lung cancer is about 80-90% due to cigarette smoking. And among non-smokers are quite a few passive passive smokers. The risk of getting lung cancer is a smoker for about 17%. For women is slightly lower. A non-smoker has about one percent chance of getting lung cancer. Lung cancer is a deadly cancer and it does not much progress. Very few patients survive long after having steal the cancer. The five-year survival after diagnosis is very low, about 10%. This is mainly because the diagnosis of lung cancer is made, the cancer is advanced and therefore incurable. About 2 out of 10 cases eligible for surgery, the other eight have been diagnosed with inoperable. In particular these inoperable patients will soon die.

The best way to prevent lung cancer is smoking.