Michael Jackson autopsy photos

A hospital tag on Michael Jackson's wrist shows his date of death

Michael Jackson autopsy photo
During his testimony Dr Rogers dealt a major blow to the defence of Michael Jackson's doctor, saying it was unreasonable to believe the pop star could have given himself a fatal dose of the powerful anaesthetic propofol.
Michael Jackson autopsy photo
Dr Rogers said Murray had no precision dosing device available in the bedroom of Jackson's rented mansion.
Michael Jackson autopsy photo
Dr Rogers analysed two possible scenarios for Jackson's death in June 2009. Dr Rogers said he examined evidence found in Jackson's bedroom and noted there was an empty 100 millilitre bottle of propofol.
Michael Jackson autopsy photo
Two sedatives from that drug group - lorazepam and midazolam - were found in Jackson's system after he died.
Michael Jackson autopsy photo
"Yes, " Dr Rogers replied.

"Yes," said Dr Rogers.

Under questioning by Mr Walgren, the coroner also said that even if Jackson had given himself propofol or lorazepam, his death would still be a homicide because Murray left him alone with the drugs within reach.

Dr Rogers' evidence came after jurors heard the end of Murray's recorded interview with police two days after Jackson's death, in which he first disclosed he had been giving Jackson propofol to help him sleep.

The interview helped transform the investigation into Jackson's death from a simple death inquiry into a homicide case.

The interview also included Murray's description of informing Jackson's mother and children that the entertainer was dead.

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