Cancer, diabetes, heart disease and influenza - a natural contraceptive

We all fear of cancer and rightly so. The disease causes great suffering and pain is sick and everyone around him.

diabetes drug cancer

In 1960 one out of 20 suffered from cancer and today is one of 7.

The most logical thing to do is try to prevent the disease. There can be done to prevent the disease.

The lecture "Is is possible to prevent cancer?" Based on the conclusions of the top scholars in
And came to meet the person who wants to take an active rather than sitting waiting for a miracle.

Lecture must for someone who wants to keep the health and save himself a lot of pain in the future.
According to experts, is by way of regarding life issues minimal change to reduce the risk by 60% of cancer

The lecture will include a number of points:
• review of studies of leading researchers in this field.
• Tools for protection against the disease.
• smashing number of truths about defense against cancer.
§ Is Momgrafih help?
§ Is the sun good for us?
• Cancer Facts
• Risk factors for cancer