Know-how in medicine. In Sverdlovsk, diabetics will get a unique alternative medicines procured today

On the market of Yekaterinburg intends to enter a new producer of insulin, which in the near future plans to increase production of drugs as well as markets in the region, including in the Sverdlovsk region.

JSC "National Biotechnology" - Russian producer of genetically engineered human insulin a full cycle - last week announced the construction of a new manufacturing complex for production of medicines for the treatment of diabetes and other socially significant diseases. Automated production facility under construction in the city of Serpukhov Obolensk Moscow region. Simultaneously, the company is actively working to promote the products in regions including the Middle Urals. To date, the company supplies more than 40 Russian regions.

The new plant will be adjacent to the existing production of the "National Biotechnology." "A company with 2003 releases of genetically engineered human insulin to the principle of the complete cycle, using the substance in the process of its own production", - says the director of "GEROPHARM" (a strategic partner and exclusive distributor of the "National Biotechnology"), Pyotr Rodionov. Russian scientists, devoting several years of scientific development, have patented its own technology for the production of essential drugs - from the synthesis of a substance prior to the release of drug products - and today continue to work on new tools for treatment and prevention of diabetes.

It is noteworthy that the production of the substance of the "National Biotechnology" produce a standard model of genetically engineered human insulin, which became the official standard for other manufacturers of the drug. It is the State standard sample and control organizations of the country is used to test all produced in Russia and imported into the country of drugs.

"Construction of a new production complex needed, taking into account the company's plans to expand capacity and production of innovative drugs in development", - said Petr Rodionov.

The new plant will start production line cartridge forms of drugs, and arranged production of insulin analogue. In addition, the new plant will produce original modern medicines for the treatment and prevention of diabetes and other socially significant diseases.

Production capacity of the new plant will make 20 million bottles and 5 million cartridges per year. Investments in the first phase of construction exceeds 400 million rubles. Completion of construction and commissioning of the production site is scheduled in the II quarter of 2012.