Nancy Grace dancing with the stars

Nancy Grace made a vast improvement on "Dancing With The Stars," but the talk show host told that she wondered if her wardrobe malfunction on Monday's episode was responsible.
"I looked down, I didn't see anything. I did not see a wardrobe malfunction," Grace told special correspondent George Pennacchio of KABC Television after the show, before joking, "Hey, maybe that's why we got an eight!"
Nancy Grace dancing with the stars
The incident, which was edited out of the west coast broadcast occurred after Grace was dipped in the finale of her dance. Grace's dance pro Tristan MacManus agreed that he didn't notice, adding, "I missed it anyway. And usually, I spot them but I missed them."
Nancy Grace dancing with the stars
Grace and MacManus, who is a new dance pro on the competition series, earned 21 out of 30 points from the judges for her quickstep. Head judge Len Goodman told the former prosecutor that it was nice to see a "proper" quickstep and gave the team 8 points. Check out a recap and photos from the show.
Nancy Grace dancing
Grace insisted that she was working harder than any of the other competitors, even though the episode made it look as though Carson Kressley put in the most practice time.
Nancy Grace dancing
"We've been practicing. I know they think Carson Kressley practiced the most -- no! They were not there Saturday night at 8 o'clock," Grace continued. "They were not there Sunday morning when I should have been in church, okay? I was dancing [makes sign of the cross]."

Grace, 51, is a former prosecutor, hosts her own news show on the HLN cable network is the former host of the syndicated legal series "Swift Justice." When she was 19-years-old, her fiancé Keith Griffin was murdered. The tragedy was Grace's impetus to enrolling in law school to become prosecutor and a supporter of victims' rights.

Like several of the other contestants, Grace has enjoyed losing weight from her "Dancing With The Stars" run but admitted that it's mainly because she's too tired to get in any meals.

"I've inadvertently lost 10 pounds on the I'm-too-tired-to-eat diet," Grace told People magazine on Friday. "By the time I get the children ready for school, then practice and then come home, I'm like exhausted."

Grace's husband, investment banker David Lynch has been bringing the couple's 3-year-old twins Lucy and John David to support her in the audience.

After the first elimination show on September 20 -- in which Los Angeles Laker Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, was booted off -- Grace compared "Dancing With The Stars" to law school.

"All of the years that I was in law school, which were six years, and all the years that I practiced law, did not prepare me for tonight," Grace told after the show. "I did have a tiny blank moment, which hopefully the viewers did not see, but we plowed through it and Tristan managed to drag me back in. I think it turned out really well."

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