The start of the Second World Conference of the diabetic foot in Dubai with the participation of 500 doctors

Started today in the Al Bustan Rotana events of the Second World Conference, organized by the Diabetic Foot DHA over two days with the participation of 500 doctors and a specialist in the field of health care for patients with diabetes from around the world.

Dr. Muhammad Salim scientists Executive Director of Hospital Services Authority, which opened the conference that the conference will discuss the latest developments and exchange information and experiences on the evaluation and treatment of diabetic foot and the efforts of the health care sector locally, regionally and globally to meet the challenges posed by the serious complications of diabetes, especially those related to amputation.

He said the conference is of great importance in light of serious complications caused by diabetes, where according to recent statistics released by the World Health Organization to a million people worldwide are exposed annually to amputation, pointing to the importance of exchanging experiences and scientific knowledge to the development of best practices and provide the latest innovations in care Diabetic foot to face the challenges posed by the serious complications of diabetes, especially those relating to amputation.

He reviewed the scientists efforts made by the body to cope with the disease and its serious complications through the establishment and implementation of medical programs multiple to contribute to the early detection of disease and timely intervention to treat and reduce its complications, as has the establishment of specialized centers for diabetes diagnosis and treatment of cases of disease and provide medical consultations required, in addition to the implementation of awareness campaigns and ongoing programs that target all segments of society to avoid access to the later stages of the disease, which leads some to permanent disability.

He said that DHA was able to reduce the rate of amputation for patients with diabetes by 50 percent through the application of many educational programs and advocacy for patients with diabetes and the development of levels of health care for patients.

It also gave Dr. Younis Kazim, Medical Director of Hospital Rashid addressed the meeting, during which he stressed the seriousness and prevalence of diabetes, which now is one of the chronic diseases afflicting the Arab region in general and UAE in particular, which calls for solidarity and cooperation of everyone to limit the spread of the disease, spreading awareness and education on ways of health and the mechanism of prevention of the disease.

For his part, Dr. Marwan Al-Ahmad Al Zarouni Chairman of the Dubai World II diabetic foot and a consultant plastic surgery at Rashid Hospital said that the conference will be attended by more than 500 physicians and specialists from various countries around the world discussed a number of themes relating to appreciate the growing numbers of patients with diabetes at the local, regional and global and the increase in the proportion of amputation in the world because of the serious complications of the disease.

He explained that the conference, which will continue over two days designed to allow exchange of knowledge on the latest developments in the treatment of diabetic foot and to highlight among other challenges facing the health care sector, resulting from diabetes is uncontrolled and work on the development of best practices and provide the latest innovations in the field of foot care Diabetes .

It also included the activities of the Second World Congress of the diabetic foot a number of seminars and specialized workshops that discussed the diagnostic and interventional strategies for the treatment of ulcers and diabetic foot wounds and prevention of amputation.

And then opened the scientists, Dr. Muhammad Salim, Executive Director of Hospital Services DHA exhibition accompanying the conference, which presents the latest global developments concerning the treatment of diabetes.